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Thanks for Coming!

Friends and customers enjoyed a sparkling evening at Blue’s Charity Fashion Show, held at The Loft on Wednesday 22nd August 2018. Blue held the event to preview the new collections for Autumn Winter 2018, whilst fundraising for Cancer Research. Outfits featured on the catwalk included new styles from favourite designers, such as Rundholz, Lurdes Bergada, XD Xenia Design, Ania Schierholt and Mama B. There was a relaxed, buzzing atmosphere and lots of raffle tickets were sold, raising an impressive £400+.

Lucky ticket holders won fabulous prizes donated by BA1hair, Cafe Lucca, Bath Textiles Summer School and Blue Womens Clothing. The staff at Cafe Lucca contributed with a delicious spread of wine and canapés and the spectators had a chance go into BLUE to try on the outfits showcased at the show. 

Thank you to Betty Bhandari who took these amazing photographs.


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